Solar Fraud

Door-to-door sales of solar systems are plagued by fraud.  Consumers are told that that the system will radically reduce or even eliminate their bill to the local utility company.  This turns out not to be true.  False promises are made about federal tax credits.  Consumers are told that the system will be up and operational within a few months and, instead, the consumer ends up making payments for months before the system is even turned on.

Often the only time the consumer signs is on a tablet.  Lies are told about what they are signing.  Their signature is later applied to a contract to which the consumer never would have agreed had the terms been explained.  These terms include onerous cancellation penalties.  Consumers are slammed into Power Purchase Agreements (“PPAs”), a predatory finance product under which the consumer pays an amount that goes up annually for 20 years, never owns the system and loses their right to tax credits.

Efforts to get problems addressed are often met with the run-around.  Customer service with many solar companies is terrible.  Once they have the system on the roof with you obligated to pay, they want nothing more to do with you.

All these fraudulent practices are common in the solar industry.  There are good companies out there, but there are lots of bad companies.  Some of the biggest companies are also the worst.

If you have been taken advantage of by a solar company, Treinen Law Office is equipped to help.  We have handled many lawsuits against solar companies.  Please feel free to call us so we can see if we can help you.  There is never a charge for a consultation.

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