Feb 10

Corporate Mortgage Servicers Are Not Set Up to Help Homeowners

It has been a long time since the corner bank loaned locals money to buy a home, kept the loan in-house and then worked with families through hard times. In today’s world, loan originators bundle mortgage loans into investment vehicles composed of thousands of loans and sell those bundles to investment banks or hedge funds.  […]

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Wooden Gavel on Book with Golden Scale on Table Jan 30

Consumer Reports Explains How Forced Arbitration Results in Defective Consumer Products

This great Consumer Reports article explains the dangers for the marketplace that result from forced arbitration. https://www.consumerreports.org/mandatory-binding-arbitration/forced-arbitration-clause-for-concern/

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Family car with dad and son Jan 14

Often the Whole Family Is Impacted

When a bank wrongfully forecloses, or a car dealer passes off a wrecked car without disclosure, or a consumer gets trapped on a treadmill of debt due to predatory payday loans, often the whole family suffers.  Mom is worried about where the family will live.  Parents are afraid to transport their kids in a car […]

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Oct 21

Wells Fargo Reports Wrongful Foreclosures Due to “Computer Glitch”

In 2018, Wells Fargo admitted that its mortgage modification software caused homeowners to be wrongfully denied mortgage modifications, leading to wrongful foreclosures.  It has continued to report that more and more homeowners have had their homes wrongfully foreclosed because of this “computer glitch.”  It has admitted to pursuing at least 500 wrongful foreclosures.  It has […]

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Judge Gavel on Open Book Sep 19

Consumers More Likely to Be Hit By Lightning Than to Win In Forced Arbitration Forums

Did you know that a consumer is more likely to be hit by lightning than to win in the forced arbitration forums provided for in many consumer contracts.  Businesses that require forced arbitration include cell phone companies, payday lenders, car dealers and others.  The arbitration provisions are hidden in the fine print and are almost […]

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Old Legal Books Aug 05

What Is Consumer Law?

Treinen Law Office only practices consumer law.  What is consumer law?   Consumer law is designed to protect everyone from rip-off or abusive businesses.  Basically, consumer law protects private citizens from lying, cheating and stealing by big corporations or small businesses.  It protects individuals that buy products or services.  It is also called consumer protection […]

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Judge Gavel on Open Book Jul 18

How Long Does a Lawsuit Take in New Mexico Courts?

When meeting with new clients, I am often asked how long a lawsuit will take.  Treinen Law Office most often files suit on behalf of its clients in New Mexico state court, although sometimes we file lawsuits in New Mexico federal court.   From the time the lawsuit is filed until the time of trial […]

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Graduation hats thrown in air Jun 24

Scams by For-Profit Colleges and Universities

The United States Department of Education, the federal agency that oversees for-profit colleges and universities, has found, time and again, that unscrupulous for-profit colleges and universities knowingly make “substantial misrepresentations” about accreditation and about prospective students’ odds of landing a job in their chosen field.  Yet, under the Trump administration, these for-profit colleges and universities […]

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doctor writing on clipboard May 02

Improper and Illegal Tactics Are Common in Medical Billing

Improper and illegal tactics are common with medical billing.  Medical bills often contain errors.  Sometimes these “errors” are not honest mistakes.  Sometimes they are the result of conscious decisions to overbill.  Even where the “error” is an honest mistake, oftentimes the medical provider or debt collector is unwilling or unable to remedy the “error,” or […]

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Apr 09

Broker Fraud in New Mexico

In New Mexico, brokers, qualifying brokers and realty companies owe strict duties to buyers and sellers in the sale or purchase of a home.  These duties include:   – the duty of honesty and reasonable care – the duty of ethical and professional conduct – the duty to disclose in writing any potential conflict of […]

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