Robocalls are predicted be half of all calls placed to cell phones because of lack of regulation by FCC

Picture of phone receiving call

In the segment, John Oliver noted that three of the most prolific robocallers were creditors seeking to “chase debts,” and referenced a new report featuring an individual who received more than 6,000 robocalls from a bank to collect on a late mortgage. In some cases, the individual claimed to receive more than 20 calls per day, a number which Oliver had some fun with.

“That is absolutely ridiculous,” Oliver said. “What is the point of calling someone 20 times a day to collect a debt? ‘While I couldn’t pay you 45 minutes ago, a small propeller plane full of drug money just crash landed into my den. Thanks so much for the call you ravenous ghouls.’ “

Oliver also looked at how one creditor requires customers to revoke consent from receiving calls, which was on the fourth page of a terms & conditions document and required the individual to mail a letter to the company.


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