Fair Credit Reporting

Cartoon Credit Report with red x through itDo you have bad credit because something on your credit report shouldn’t be there? Do you have problems getting a good loan or buying a house because of bad reports like these? Are you the victim of identity theft and need help to turn your credit around? Have you lost a job or job opportunity because of your credit rating? We might be able to help you.

The consumer credit reporting industry processes and controls billions of pieces of data about consumers every month. The industry has also experienced unparalleled growth over the past thirty years as opportunities for people to get credit have increased. However, this growth has brought with it new problems such as increased identity theft, lack of protection of people’s private financial information, and just plain bad mistakes. These problems make it difficult for people to manage their financial lives, and a good credit report is a valuable asset that you want to maintain. People often don’t have any idea what their credit report says about them until it’s too late. Consumers will often accept high interest rates, pay debts they don’t really owe, or simply give up and do nothing about wrong reports on their credit rating. The fact is that these bad credit reports, however they got there, can haunt you for years, forcing you to pay more money for loans or even forcing you to give up important dreams like owning your own home.

Treinen Law Office is committed to helping people clear up their credit reports and getting on with the business of their lives. If you or someone you know is having a problem with a credit history or credit rating, contact our office now. We would like to see if we can help.


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