Fair Debt Collection

Cartoon man carrying the word Debt on his shouldersYou’ve been good and have done your best to pay your bills, but now you’ve falling behind just like tens of thousands of other Americans. Now the company you owed money to has sent your account to a debt collector who will not stop calling you at home, at work, at all hours of the day. Or maybe the debt collector bullies and abuses you on the phone, lies to you, or threatens you with arrest or a court case. Debt collectors who use such threats often have no way of implementing them. Their threats may be illegal.

Most people want to pay off their debts, but there are some circumstances that prevent people from doing just that. Sometimes debt collectors get it wrong and harass a consumer over a debt somebody else owes. Sometimes debt collectors go too far and continue to harass you, calling your home and speaking with your children or calling you at work until your boss threatens to fire you. Sometimes they’ll use crude and intimidating words to upset you, or even talk to your neighbors and coworkers in an attempt to get you to pay off a few dollars. The law doesn’t allow debt collectors to get away with this kind of harsh treatment.

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