Predatory Lending

Sometimes people need a little help getting the cash they need to pay an unexpected bill or to stay afloat during tough economic times. Often, people turn to payday lenders or title loan business who offer a quick loan for just the right amount with little hassle. Unfortunately, these loans are often made at such a high interest rate, it may take years to pay it off. Many people enter into these loans not realizing or flat out being lied to by the lender that the loan for a couple of hundred dollars will end up costing them several thousands of dollars to pay off.

If you’re caught in an endless payday or title loan that seems like it will take forever to pay off, if the lender is harassing you regularly to make payments on the loan, or if you are hit by unexpected fees by the providers of these kinds of loans, our office may be able to help you. Contact us to discuss your options and to see if we can help.


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