Used Car Salesman Mar 29

Unscrupulous New Mexico Car Dealers Often Fail To Disclose Prior Wreck Damage

Treinen Law Office has lots of experience handling lawsuits against New Mexico car dealers, with our attorneys having handled over 200 such lawsuits in the last twenty years. Over the years, we have gained vast experience with the tricks and traps commonly used by unscrupulous dealers. Our attorneys have represented consumers against more than 50 […]

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Incorrect crossed out Mar 29

Credit Reporting Run Wild

Did you know that employers and insurance companies are more and more looking at your credit report before deciding whether to hire you or provide you insurance?  Credit reporting continues to expand into areas that surprise most people.  This trend, of course, makes it all the more important that your credit report be free of […]

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Cartoon man carrying the word Debt on his shoulders Mar 29

Know Your Rights. Intro To The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)

If you’re like many New Mexicans, you may have a debt collector contacting you about an old debt that you simply cannot pay.  Having a debt collector call and write you can be confusing, embarrassing, and stressful.  Thankfully, there may be some relief from these collectors.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a […]

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Cartoon Man Climbing on legal documents towards Justice Scale Mar 29

Get Involved! Help Pass A Rule To Remove Class Action Bans In Arbitration Clauses

For years, companies have been stripping consumers’ access to justice and right to the courts by installing forced arbitration clauses deep in the fine print of their contracts.  By forcing consumers into arbitration and banning them from the courts, companies have set up a rigged system where they are able to evade consumer laws and […]

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Picture of people standing in the shape of a closed Fist Mar 29

Why We Need Class Actions

Class actions often get a bad rap.  People say that the lawyers get all the money and the class members receive next to nothing.  These stories are spread around in the media and then by word-of-mouth.  Big corporations are often responsible for planting these stories. Click here to read more about class actions from Christine […]

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Comic of Payday Loan Store Mar 29

Grossly Unfair High-Interest Loans are Common in New Mexico

Twenty percent of New Mexicans have taken out a payday loan.  If you’re not rich and have an unexpected financial emergency – someone gets sick, the car breaks down, you and your partner break up and you have to take over all the bills – then you may not be able to make it to […]

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Justice Scale Mar 29

Consumer Laws Protect Us All

Some laws – for example, consumer protection laws, civil rights laws or environmental protection laws – are considered socially beneficially.  Enforcement of these laws helps more than just the person who has been wronged.  Enforcement of these laws helps society as a whole. Society is better off if businesses are not allowed to get away […]

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