Law Gavel Oct 16

Missouri Supreme Court Unanimously Refuses to Rewrite Arbitration Clause Selecting Corrupt Arbitrator

Check out this blog post by Paul Bland.   Missouri Supreme Court Unanimously Refuses to Rewrite Arbitration Clause Selecting Corrupt Arbitrator

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cellphone in hands Oct 16

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Forbids Unwanted Calls to Your Cell Phone

Nobody likes unwanted calls.  If you have received texts, robocalls or collection calls to your cell phone, even though you did not give out your number or give the business that is calling permission to use your number, you may have had your legal rights violated.  In matters involving violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection […]

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Bank Cards Oct 04

The Problem with Big Banks

In a trend that began many years ago, big banks – banks like Wells Fargo, CitiMortgage, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, Bank of New York Mellon and others – have greatly increased profits, running roughshod over consumers in the process.  Treinen Law Office represents consumers against the big banks.  We have handled many […]

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Family car with dad and son Aug 31

Are You Driving Your Family Around In An Unsafe Car?

Every day, New Mexico car dealers sell cars that have been in a prior accident, without disclosing that fact.  Often, the consumer is not told, even though New Mexico law requires all but the most minor accidents be fully disclosed at the time of sale.  New Mexico requires that dealers perform an extensive inspection, by […]

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Woman with face in hands Jul 19

Emotional Distress

Corporations and other businesses often do not think about the emotional distress they visit upon individuals when they rip off or mistreat them.  Because unscrupulous businesses do not view their customers as human beings, but as faceless sources of profit, they often do not believe the extent of distress they can cause.  But in some […]

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solar panels on house Jun 18

Solar Fraud in New Mexico

Whenever there is a new product to sell, the market for that product will remain unregulated for some time, and during that time that new market will be flooded with predators.  Con men.  People who spend their lives defrauding others.  These con men set up companies designed to avoid detection and prosecution.  Often these companies […]

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money on envelope Jun 18

New Mexico Passes a Law Eliminating the Worst of the Worst Predatory Loans

Effective January 1, 2018, lenders in New Mexico cannot charge more than 175 percent APR with any small loan, including title loans.  Although this rate is still far from a fair rate, this new law makes illegal the worst of the worst loans.  Some lenders in New Mexico had been lending at 500 + percent […]

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Foreclosure Notice and judge gavel Mar 29

Wrongful Foreclosures On The Rise

Treinen Law Office PC has noticed an alarming trend in the mortgage-service industry, a trend that causes stress, frustration and crisis in families and rattles the trust that we as consumers give so freely to financial institutions. Throughout New Mexico, mortgage servicers sometimes incorrectly account for borrowers’ payments, causing the servicer to foreclose on the […]

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Credit Report, History and Score Text Image Mar 29

Part III – Why Credit Reporting Agencies And Creditors Often Get It Wrong

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires credit reporting agencies (CRAs) and the businesses that report to these CRAs to conduct an investigation if a consumer disputes something on his or her credit report. Under the law, the investigation must be a reasonable investigation. Problems arise because the investigations are often cursory. Even more significantly, […]

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Credit Report, History and Score Text Image Mar 29

Part II – Disputing Your Credit Report

In Part I of our blog series on the FCRA (see the blog post immediately below), we discussed the importance of credit reports and detailed how to go about receiving a free credit report from each of “The Big 3” consumer reporting agencies (CRAs): Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. In Part II, we are going to […]

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