Judge Gavel on Open Book Jul 18

How Long Does a Lawsuit Take in New Mexico Courts?

When meeting with new clients, I am often asked how long a lawsuit will take.  Treinen Law Office most often files suit on behalf of its clients in New Mexico state court, although sometimes we file lawsuits in New Mexico federal court.   From the time the lawsuit is filed until the time of trial […]

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Wooden Gavel on Book with Golden Scale on Table Jan 29

‘Judicial Hellholes’: The Best Legal Joke of 2018

Check out this blog post by by Arthur H. Bryant, Chairman and Leslie A. Brueckner, Senior Attorney at Public Justice. ‘Judicial Hellholes’: The Best Legal Joke of 2018

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Law Gavel Oct 16

Missouri Supreme Court Unanimously Refuses to Rewrite Arbitration Clause Selecting Corrupt Arbitrator

Check out this blog post by Paul Bland.   Missouri Supreme Court Unanimously Refuses to Rewrite Arbitration Clause Selecting Corrupt Arbitrator

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cellphone in hands Oct 16

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Forbids Unwanted Calls to Your Cell Phone

Nobody likes unwanted calls.  If you have received texts, robocalls or collection calls to your cell phone, even though you did not give out your number or give the business that is calling permission to use your number, you may have had your legal rights violated.  In matters involving violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection […]

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Bank Cards Oct 04

The Problem with Big Banks

In a trend that began many years ago, big banks – banks like Wells Fargo, CitiMortgage, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, Bank of New York Mellon and others – have greatly increased profits, running roughshod over consumers in the process.  Treinen Law Office represents consumers against the big banks.  We have handled many […]

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Family car with dad and son Aug 31

Are You Driving Your Family Around In An Unsafe Car?

Every day, New Mexico car dealers sell cars that have been in a prior accident, without disclosing that fact.  Often, the consumer is not told, even though New Mexico law requires all but the most minor accidents be fully disclosed at the time of sale.  New Mexico requires that dealers perform an extensive inspection, by […]

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Foreclosure Notice and judge gavel Mar 29

New Mexico Court of Appeals Holds Bank Accountable For Ripping Off Borrowers

In Dollens v. Wells Fargo Bank, the New Mexico Court of Appeals held that banks and other mortgage servicers will not be allowed to get away with treating consumers unfairly. The Court held that banks and servicers can be subject to punitive damages when they fail to apply payments as required or assess bogus charges […]

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Used Car Salesman Mar 29

Unscrupulous New Mexico Car Dealers Often Fail To Disclose Prior Wreck Damage

Treinen Law Office has lots of experience handling lawsuits against New Mexico car dealers, with our attorneys having handled over 200 such lawsuits in the last twenty years. Over the years, we have gained vast experience with the tricks and traps commonly used by unscrupulous dealers. Our attorneys have represented consumers against more than 50 […]

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Cartoon man carrying the word Debt on his shoulders Mar 29

Know Your Rights. Intro To The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)

If you’re like many New Mexicans, you may have a debt collector contacting you about an old debt that you simply cannot pay.  Having a debt collector call and write you can be confusing, embarrassing, and stressful.  Thankfully, there may be some relief from these collectors.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a […]

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Comic of Payday Loan Store Mar 29

Grossly Unfair High-Interest Loans are Common in New Mexico

Twenty percent of New Mexicans have taken out a payday loan.  If you’re not rich and have an unexpected financial emergency – someone gets sick, the car breaks down, you and your partner break up and you have to take over all the bills – then you may not be able to make it to […]

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