Mar 27

Protecting Your Family Financially in COVID-19 Times

In these COVID-19 times, it has become shockingly clear that we are all interconnected.  And that we do best when we help each other.  Stuck at home with our families, we are reminded that the little things are really the most important.  Cooking and eating together.  Art projects in the garage.  Going outside to experience […]

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Judge Gavel on Open Book Sep 19

Consumers More Likely to Be Hit By Lightning Than to Win In Forced Arbitration Forums

Did you know that a consumer is more likely to be hit by lightning than to win in the forced arbitration forums provided for in many consumer contracts.  Businesses that require forced arbitration include cell phone companies, payday lenders, car dealers and others.  The arbitration provisions are hidden in the fine print and are almost […]

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Old Legal Books Aug 05

What Is Consumer Law?

Treinen Law Office only practices consumer law.  What is consumer law?   Consumer law is designed to protect everyone from rip-off or abusive businesses.  Basically, consumer law protects private citizens from lying, cheating and stealing by big corporations or small businesses.  It protects individuals that buy products or services.  It is also called consumer protection […]

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Graduation hats thrown in air Jun 24

Scams by For-Profit Colleges and Universities

The United States Department of Education, the federal agency that oversees for-profit colleges and universities, has found, time and again, that unscrupulous for-profit colleges and universities knowingly make “substantial misrepresentations” about accreditation and about prospective students’ odds of landing a job in their chosen field.  Yet, under the Trump administration, these for-profit colleges and universities […]

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doctor writing on clipboard May 02

Improper and Illegal Tactics Are Common in Medical Billing

Improper and illegal tactics are common with medical billing.  Medical bills often contain errors.  Sometimes these “errors” are not honest mistakes.  Sometimes they are the result of conscious decisions to overbill.  Even where the “error” is an honest mistake, oftentimes the medical provider or debt collector is unwilling or unable to remedy the “error,” or […]

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Apr 09

Broker Fraud in New Mexico

In New Mexico, brokers, qualifying brokers and realty companies owe strict duties to buyers and sellers in the sale or purchase of a home.  These duties include:   – the duty of honesty and reasonable care – the duty of ethical and professional conduct – the duty to disclose in writing any potential conflict of […]

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Picture of phone receiving call Mar 11

Robocalls are predicted be half of all calls placed to cell phones because of lack of regulation by FCC In the segment, John Oliver noted that three of the most prolific robocallers were creditors seeking to “chase debts,” and referenced a new report featuring an individual who received more than 6,000 robocalls from a bank to collect on a late mortgage. In some cases, the individual claimed to receive more than 20 calls […]

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Feb 21

Treinen Law Office Provides $77,000 Cy Pres Award to New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty

Treinen Law Office recently provided a $77,000 cy pres award to the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty. Cy pres awards are given in class actions where, for whatever reason, the money awarded to class members cannot be delivered directly to them. In many consumer class actions, such as those against predatory lenders, class […]

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money on envelope Feb 20

CFPB’s Payday Lending Protection Rollback

Check out this blog post by Paul Bland.  

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solar panels on house Feb 14

NM Attorney General Sues Vivint Solar for Its Unfair Sales Practices

The New Mexico Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Vivint Solar.  In the lawsuit, the Attorney General documents wide-ranging abuse and deception by Vivint Solar with its door-to-door sales of solar systems to New Mexicans, including Vivint Solar’s use of Power Purchase Agreements.  Via these Agreements, consumers pay more and more over a 20 […]

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